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Mrs. WizardY2K...
A Personal Account of the BIG DAY

by Mrs. Wizard

December 31, 1999 ... (5:00 AM) Did a quick pre-millennium system check. After several hours I was able to determine Solitaire is working great! Priorities are an important issue here. Oh! What an exciting time to be awake!

3:45 PM ... Cranked up the old 486 earlier this afternoon. Everything else seems to be working fine. It seemed a shame not to give "Old Faithful" a chance to ring in the new year. Not it's time for a quick trip to the grocery store for a few millennium goodies!

y2k ok4:44 PM ... Back from the grocery store. I'm all set for an evening of web surfing, software testing, and old movie watching. There is a nice pot of homemade chicken soup (no particular reason) simmering on the stove, lots of chocolate lying about (left over from Christmas), and 9 packages of Theatre Butter Microwave Popcorn. You wouldn't want me to starve during my little trial, would you?

6:00 PM ... London fireworks are beautiful! I wonder if Johanna is awake yet in Australia? I watched the fireworks going off earlier in Sydney. Was she awake, or did she go to bed early? It is amazing how the Internet has opened communication lines for normal folks like us. It doesn't matter that Johanna is in Forbes, Australia and I am in Memphis, Tennessee. We have learned so much about each other over the last few years. It is a fascinating time we are living in. So far, none of the time zones that have entered Y2K are reporting any problems, AND my Solitaire is still hanging in on all three computers.

6:30 PM ... My Solitaire Theory is simply this. As long as I can run a good rousing game of Solitaire on a machine, it has to be OK. There is plenty of time to check non essential applications like word processors, spreadsheets, and things like that. So far everything is looking pretty good. Ol Mr. Wizard is giving Hearts a workout on the main computer (hehehe).

7:57 PM ... They are ringing in the New Year in Rio De Janeiro now. Still no Y2K problems reported. Gosh, it might be safe to walk away from these computers and see what movies are on tonight.

9:16 PM ... Ate too much... Nap time. I know this is a fragmented sentence, but I need to lie down a bit. Besides, Solitaire, Minitris, Penta, Pretty Good Solitaire 99 and my other favorite applications are doing just fine.

January 1, 2000 ... (7:59 AM) Everything is great so far, at least that is what they keep saying on the news. To test their word, I have restarted all three computers. (Talk about living on Faith!) The only glitch I have been able to see so far is the server that processes Mrs. Wizard’s e-mail doesn’t seem to be recognizing her password. It may be Monday before I can get a human to check that.

The little 486, with an early version of Win 95 (no bells or whistles) is the most impressive. It snapped to attention like it always has when the power was turned on, ready to do whatever it is capable of doing for me. I have a feeling it will be fine.

Doesn’t this make you wonder just how much of the worry leading up to this day has been brought on by the media? Hmmmmmm? I wonder how many folks out there are feeling pretty silly about rooms full of bottled water and non perishable food? Well, it could have been a nightmare. Right?

2:21 PM ... On a whim, I called the folks who tend the server that takes care of Mrs. Wizard’s e-mail address. They were there (bless them!) and said they were aware of the problem and already had it fixed. Seems the mail server thought it was 1910 instead of 2000. y2k bugStrange huh? They seem to believe it was some sort of sick prank, timed to coincide with Y2K, but not really a Y2K problem. And there I was, feeling so special to have been personally touched by the infamous Y2K cootie!

It looks as though Y2K is going to be OK after all!







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