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I LOVE my Kindle! And my iPhone (kindle is on it too), and my little Italian Greyhound, Concetta. They are all keeping me very occupied lately.

Lose your Taskbar? Find out how to get it back in the XP Tips and Tricks section... it's a nifty little video. There are a few other little videos there too!



From the desk of mrswizard       

8Here you will find all things Windows! From Tips & Tricks for VISTA to reviews of some of the greatest (and easiest to use) software on the planet. I've been using Windows 7 since it came out, and I have to say it is the best yet.

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If you find yourself with a new Kindle Wireless Reading Device, drop me an email and I will share the sources I have found (including Amazon) where you can find FREE books!


Words of Wisdom...

Never let your computer get the best of you. It is, after all, only a machine.

And.... Make sure you get the best out of storing your data online by checking out the top cloud storage sites on the web. Remember... you can always replace that computer, but you can never replace those personal files you created!


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Keep an eye on the blog for the latest tips and tricks for your Kindle and computer from your favorite grey-haired computer babe. Discover all kinds of interesting things you can do with it.


I'm spending a little quality time with my iPad lately, even (with hubby) purchased the latest one for our daughter's birthday. She is having a great time with it.



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